Spark latest code execution doesn't connect on localhost

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I’m facing issue with Spark latest code on github. It builds fine and connects to online servers, but doesn’t connect to localhost. I’ve attached error log to this post. Please help in this regard ASAP.

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SAM. (2105 Bytes)

Well, the errors log is not very useful to me. Other than i see a lot of errors, which i don’t see on my end when i run Spark build.

Anyway, that’s my setup for localhost testing:

  • My Windows PC is named - wroot
  • My local Openfire installation uses wroot as xmpp.domain (you can find this in the System Properties in Admin Console)
  • I put wroot into Server field in Spark when logging into my localhost server

If you have something different than PCs name as your xmpp domain’s name, i suppose you can add that word and tie it to via hosts file in Windows. Or you can just rerun the Openfire setup and change the domain name. If you are using word ‘localhost’ as a server name then i suppose when switching to Smack 4 in the latest code it stopped working as compared to the 2.7.7 version. But i haven’t ever used ‘localhost’ to login, so i can’t say for sure.

As i’ve said the current Spark’s code is not very stable because of switch to newer Smack version. You might want to try 2.7.7 source. Can be downloaded from here Releases · igniterealtime/Spark · GitHub