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Spark Login

Hello! I’ve just installed Spark_2_6_3. How do i login into the account? Do i have to use the computer user and password?

I presume you have set up an openfire server to actually connect to?

If so, you set all the usernames and passwords up on the server

Yes, i have a server to connect to. And the username and password are the same as for the email?

Log onto the Openfire server and go to the Users/Groups tab at the top, you have to set up your users indivdually in that with usernames and passwords. There is an option to create new users on the left.

I installed openfire and, when i have to complete the database settings-standard connection, there are two fields asking for JDBC Driver Class and Database URL. Where do i find the class and what’s the url? When i pick something from the Database Driver Presets, it can’t establish a connection with any of it. I’m not into this kind of stuff, so please, guide me.Thanks!

I think you should ask your IT administrator (or hire one) to do this. Though i think you don’t quite see the whole picture about using Openfire and Spark. This is not like Skype or MSN. You create your own server (can be Openfire or other jabber server) and your own users and then talk with them using Spark program.