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Spark loses first lines in discussions

When someone sends me a message, or when a new discussion opens up, Spark often loses the first line of the discussion.

So I literally see a new tab available, a red dot saying that there is something new… and no content.

Has anyone experienced this? Is there a fix?

Spark Version: 2.6.3 (12555)

OS: OS X 10.8.4

Sounds odd. Can you provide any additional information or screenshots, transcript logs, etc? This will help us identify if there is a problem and where.

Hrm. It’s not letting me upload a screenshot.

Here’s one transcript. I’ve removed the names.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

(09:16) Team-SEA-Bot:

C------- Y-------: crickets chirp

(09:16) Team-SEA-Bot:

H-------- S------: thats what i expected…but thot I would ask…:slight_smile:

(09:26) Brent Edwards: What was the question? I literally see nothing before Chris’s “crickets chirp

(09:36) Team-SEA-Bot:

C---------- Y------: crickets chirp

I don’t know what other information to give.

Hmm… unfortunately I can’t gleen any additional info from that snippet…

To upload a screenshot, click the “undefined” button in the top right corner of the response window.

In your transcript logs, on your client, is the question asked before the “crickets chirp” comment actually not in the log? As-in your logs show no record that there was a message prior to your first posted message in the snippet?

How about from the sender’s side (whoever sent the message that is not showing on your end)?

You can also try starting Spark in Debug mode (Sign Out --> Advanced --> Checkmark “Start debugger on startup”). This will show you the packets being sent back and forth between the server and your client. Do some tests and see if packets show up when the other user sends you a message (but doesn’t show in Spark window).