Spark Manager / Cancel Update does not work as expected


whenever a new version is released using Spark Manager the client Spark shows this popup window “New version … install?”. I usually click “Yes”. So the “Downloading Spark” window is opened. I then close it while the download is in progress, so the “Update Canceled” window gets displayed. I click “OK” and everything looks fine. So far everything did run fine, but if I look at my network monitor I see still a lot of incoming traffic.

So the download process was not totally canceled, the file will be transferred anyway. That’'s bad luck if I have a slow connection. But as the file was transferred one may assume that one can update Spark very fast by clicking “Help”, “Check for Updates” but no, the file is transferred again.

So another test, doing the Update/Cancel task a few times with no suitable delay will lead to two, three or more transfers of Spark in the background.



Thanks for the bug report IT. You can track this issue with SPARK-293.



Hi Derek,

you may want to reopen SPARK-293 as this seems not to be fixed within Spark 2.0.7.