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Spark memory leak


actually wroot did point my to this direction with his “flood protection” thread.

Spark uses some memory to display images and runs afaik with Xmx64m. I sent some emotions from one client to another and could see how the used memory did increase.

Closing the chat window does not release the memory.

Opening it once again allocates some more memory.

Closing … Opening … Closing … Opening … nearly 100 % CPU usage and if one does this more often (having the time to wait for all the GC’'s to complete) -> OutOfMemory




Hi LG,

This is a know issue we will resolove for 1.2. You can track the issue with SPARK-24.



Any workaround known until this is resolved? We’‘re rolling out ~200 users and we’'re seeing memory usage hitting near 100mb at peak. It does appear to clean itself up from time to time (garbage collection?)… any idea how to trigger this? Perhaps some best practice suggestions we can give to users until resolved?

Opening/closing groups also shows this leak

Hi All,

For a future release of Spark (Spark 2.0), we are making some big changes to the design and frameworks used to lower the memory usage. One of these is moving over to tree instead of our collapsible panes that we use right now. This will allow for only one initialization of a component as well as allow for nested groups.


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There are also some other areas of improvement schedule to reduce memory consumption,



as well as allow for nested groups.

wow good one

Hi Derek,

what you did mention here seems to have nothing to do with the memory using within chat windows when one is using emotions?


Very true LG, however the memory leak is a bug which needs to be fixed. I’'m talking about lowering the overall memory usage period in the app.