Spark memory usage

We are wanting to use the spark client in our organization, but most of our users (50) are on a Windows 2003 Terminal Server. When I look at the resources needed for that, I quickly see the spark.exe is using about 50MB of RAM…That’s 2.5GB just for spark if all our users have it open. That is obviously a problem when considering up to now, with 12GB physical RAM in there, we’ve had not memory issues. This would put us over the edge I think and hurt performance quite a bit. Is anyone using spark on a terminal server? Is there a way to reduce the memory and have spark still work? I tried some of the settings listed in the forums but found that certain things stopped working, e.g. the login button would not work, etc. Seeing as there is no new version of spark on the horizon, has anyone found a client as enterprise ready as spark? I find that many of the clients are just not as aesthetically appealing as spark. Most look like something someone made on a weekend…

Hi Jeffrey.

We have the same problem with memory usage. We have about 350 users and running Citrix servers and it’s really hurting the preformance when Spark eats all the memory.

However I have now found another client that only use around 15MB ram. It’s called LinQ and looks like Messanger.

To get down in memory usage you need to remove (after installation) the Chinese language files under language, The sound files under Sounds and also the plugin .dll’s that you don’t need or use on your network under the folder Plugins. I Have removed filetransfer.dll, register.dll, rosterexchange.dll, vcard.dll, xhtml.dll because we only use it for normal chatts

BTW: I have tested all XMPP clients that I could find on internet and only LinQ use low memory. Many other have other good features but use 30-60MB ram, so even if they have alot of features then they are still useable in TS or Citrix envoriment. ANd using the webjabber is not really an option either.

Here is a list of some of the clients I have tested: Gajim, PSI, LinQ, Pidgin, Coccinella, Tkabber, and about 5 more that was old and not working good. To see a list of clients that can be used together with Openfire server you might want to look at this list:

I hope that this help you and many other in same enviroment so you can continue to use the Openfire chatt server

Webo wrote:

BTW: I have tested all XMPP clients that I could find on internet and only LinQ use low memory. Many other have other good features but use 30-60MB ram

It’s hard to believe that PSI, or Exodus are using so much RAM. Exodus is very low ram consuming client. Though it’s not developed anymore, but it has all common xmpp features.

Sorry. PSI don’t take more than about 8.5MB ram and Exodust I haven’t written anything about, but it takes about 7MB ram

To bad they don’t work on them anymore.

why not try sparkweb. that way they weren’t using anything more then a browser and flash.

Because it’s in a webbrowser window. Not very useable för most of the non computer people. So they close it and then have to log in again and so on. Must have an application that will minimize and stay logged on untill you say you want to logout. It will take alot of time fo all this logins and that is not what we want to have people doing all the time and also they get ery annoyed when it’s not there and they are not logged on.

It can’t be that hard to just make an client that tekes as little memory as possible with just the standard options like search, chat, add users, chat history and so. We just want to be able to chat, not sending files or other things.

We do also not use flash on our Citrix servers because it slow down the server also. Like on a website that have alot of flash sfuff. Also we don’t allow flash games to be played

Hey folks! Yeah I’d love to see a fix for this. Looks like some redevelopment may be necessary. We have been using Wildfire and Pandion for a long time now, and Id like to move to Openfire/Spark, but the 53MB RAM footprint it leaves on XP Pro SP2 is too big. We already have Openfire running, and found that Pidgin Portable only has about a 3MB RAM consumption. Still, Spark looks so much better and I would rather use it! I guess we will will stick with Pandion and its 18.5 megs or so of RAM usage until Spark gets a little leaner.

FYI, PSI is still in development, it would seem. They had a new RC in July 2008.

Memory consumption is a little more than LinQ but I like the look of it better.

I wasnt speaking about PSI Exodus is still in development too, i have found out. Though it latest version has too many bugs and there doesnt seem to be more development again.