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Spark Messenger not open second time in Ubuntu 20.04

Hello Team, Greetings for the day!

I installed spark IP Messenger in my ubuntu 20.04 and when I close it then second time can’t open it in my system.

Could you please assist to me for solve this issue?

What version and how do you install and run it?

I am using Spark 2.9.2 and download .deb file from below link.


After you install, how do you run it?

Show Application -> Click on Spark APP logo

It’s working first time but when close app using click on red x (Close button) and after that try to open app using same way then app is not open. It’s working on background but I can’t see spark popup.

I can reproduce this in my test VM. I think it was working better in previous version of Ubuntu as Spark was at least showing another icon in systray, by the clock and power buttons. But is seems 20.04 changed how apps operate in that place. And Spark is also failing to bring roster window app when pressing in favorites pane, which also used to work i think.

I have created a ticket https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-2171
But Spark doesn’t have active developers. Especially for Linux/macOS versions. We never had anyone working on support for this platforms. So i can only suggest using minimize button instead of X as a workaround.

Okay, I will waiting for next update and now will use minimize button instead of x (close button).