Spark messenger window

I have a employee who’s Spark allows her to sign in and see all the other signed in employees, but when she click on a person to send a private message or group message the window that houses the conversation is blank with no fields to type into. she hears the notification sounds but cant read or type or see any options within chat window. Does anyone know if this is a setting issue or possibly more?

what version of spark and java are you using?

Could also be profile or history/transcript corruption.


the transcript files is located in \user

You could start by deleting the history folders. If that doesn’t work, delete the whole spark folder. If your running an older version of java and/or spark, then I would try upgrading those as well.

we are running java version 8 update 60. and spark version 2.7.2.

i cleared the app data, uninstalled, and the program folder and re installed the whole program and everything is working. so something must have gone corrupt somewhere.