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Spark Mobile Android

Hi. I Need spark Mobile Android

What can I do?


there is no mobile version of spark, but any android xmpp client should work with openfire.

I prefer conversations.im, and its only a buck or two and is also an open source project.

I have been using Xabber in Android. works well, but only myself and a couple of other users use it.

Can you provide me with any instructions on how to get it working on Xabber. I have tried to get it to work with no luck so far. I put in all of the info but it says it cant connect to the server even though Im on the same network.

When i was using Xabber on a local network i was using IP instead of a domain name. Actually, i have to do this with Conversations too. As my local network doesn’t have DNS or such. Btw, current Xabber version is 2+ years old and has some issues with Openfire. But it seems that new version is coming Xabber update · Issue #647 · redsolution/xabber-android · GitHub