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Spark MSI Files

Hi There,

I am just starting to trail Openfire and Spark. Both of which seem to fit my purpose, I have a question about the MSI file for the Spark installer.

Is it possible to roll out Spark with certain settings already applied and also lock off certain settings?



Spark settings are per user. You can create a custom installer that will have settings for spark to deploy to each user. The problem is that Spark preferences are not stored in a location easily targeted by an MSI.

How do you create the customer installer?

Im using here Advanced Installer 6 in trial mode, starting a simple project and targeting the Spark installed folder to create an working msi. After i deploy all with GPO in Active Directory.

Good luck !!



I use a product called EMCO MSI Package Builder Enterprise. It monitors the install of the exe file and converts it to an msi. This msi can then be modified however you like, including gui modifications to Spark itself. I then use a batch file to push preferences to user accounts that are already created on each machine.


MSI file:

  • installs spark (modified with corporate logos and other custom graphics)

  • modifies registry

  • installs krb5.ini

  • adds default spark settings to Default profile

  • add icon to Startup items and Desktop for all users

Batch file:

  • adds default spark settings to any account that does not yet have them on login