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Spark not closing

I have Spark 2.6.3 with Java on a handful of Windows 7 Pro 64bit computers, and when they close Spark by clicking on the ‘X’ in the upper right corner, the program will not shut down completely until I kill the process. If I close it by going to Spark-Exit, it does shut down. Any ideas why it won’t shut down from the ‘X’?

The “X” button is not meant to exit the program. It just closes the open Roster or Chat window, but the program is not terminated.

If we have the main Spark window open, what is the best way to terminate the program? You have 3 options: the X in the upper right corner, go to Spark-Exit, or click the Spark logo in the upper left and click Close. The last 2 terminate the program properly. The X does not. Are you saying that the X is not intended to terminate the program?

Are you saying that the X is not intended to terminate the program?

Yes. In Spark and most other instant messaging (like Skype, ICQ, MSN, most jabber clients, etc.) or email apps X usually just hides the main window from the screen and from the taskbar. These kinds of programs usually have to be running all day, so no point to terminate them really and this is probably to easy to do with the X button. Anyway, some programs has options to change the X behavior, but Spark doesn’t have one. So you have only two options to terminate Spark. Well, the third one to kill it via Task manager