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Spark, not connect to the server, if is working?

Spark no working and I have all my workers without communication

It would be useful to have this error translated and to know what Spark and Openfire versions you use.

I can not connect with the server. invalid or unavailable server name. the version Spark the my workers is 2.6.3 and in my pc is Spark 2.8.1 what is Openfire? no work with it

2.6.3 is too old. We don’t support it anymore. What error does 2.8.1 give? It should say something different. Also, what do you put as a Domain part in Spark? Is it server name or IP address of the server?

What server do you use for Spark (if not Openfire)?

the server name is: msn.lalianxa.net, only shows that error :I can not connect with the server. invalid or unavailable server name.Today I present the problem

I believe there is no such error in 2.8.1 version. Can you do a screenshot (in English) with 2.8.1 with the error showing?

Maybe something is wrong with your server, so Spark can’t connect, but you can’t do anything about it in Spark. You have to check what is wrong with the server. Especially if it just stopped working suddenly. Maybe your server was updated and do not support older versions of clients anymore.

do you mean

Can’t connect to server: invalid name or server not reachable

Your logs should give more info on this, but this is thrown when the connection to the server is refused, or the server name can’t be resolved by dns.