Spark not saving Conversation History

I’m read that spark is supposed to have already been fixed for this… but it seems no matter what i do, I can’t get Spark to save my conversation history. We have a deployment of around 20 spark clients and an OpenFire 3.7.0 server. We all use Spark 2.6.3. The server the openfire installation is hosted on is rebooted nightly automatically… and any logged in users get disconnected. The server will do its thing and finsih rebooting and come back online, openfire runs automatically and everyone reconnects. the only problem, is all conversation history further back than one week disapears. We can still see the history that is inside the chat window, but if you click on the Scroll with the clock on it (History Icon), then the last saved history is several months back (but varies from user-to-user).

I’ve read mixed things about spark only saving history on a clean exit (logout)… but this looks to have been “fixed” in previous versions… indicating history woudl be saved much more often if not instantly (like it should).

How can i fix this? I already have conversation archiving running on the openfire server, but this is really for only me as an admin. My users need to be able to see all of their conversation history at any time.


If someone can help point me in the right direction to get started… that would be very helpful!

As mentioned before, i’ve done a lot of searching and googling already but the information i find seems to contradict what is actually happening… most of my searches came up with old Spark bug reports that have said this problem was fixed somehow… does anyone else have this problem?

You maybe facing this issue SPARK-1407 , or maybe something else discussed on this thread