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Spark not sending first message

When I log into my computer every morning and attempt to send a message in spark, the majority of mornings (9 of 10)it doesn’t work properly. I type a message, send it but it never moves from the entry section. If I select enter again it sends the same message. If if type additional material into the spark entry section it sends the additional information along with the original message. I have to log out of spark then log back in to get it to work. I have no additional problems until I log in again the next day. Can you help me out?

Are you using the latest 2.6.3 version? You can try deleting your profile and starting with a fresh one (history will be lost).

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Spark


C:\Documents and Settings\username\Spark (Old path)

I’m very sorry about the long reply time. I intended to apply your solution and wait a day to see if it helped. You can see how that turned out . You solution didn’t fix the problem out right but it does seem to happen less frequently. I’ve also used this trick on a number of other people experiencing similuar issues and it has been pretty successful. Thank you for the help!