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Spark oddities with Cintiq or Wacom Tablets


We have some issues with Spark and user’'s equipped with Cintiq screens or Wacom tablets.

In the main contact window double-tapping with the Wacom pen has no effect.

This prevents opening Contact conversation windows as well as shrinking/expanding user groups. They must use the right-click function on the pen and use the menu.

Also once inside a contact window, clicking on the emoticons button with either a single or double tap has no effect.

This prevents inserting emoticons with Wacom pen, user’'s must use attached ps2/usb Mouse instead.

Funny thing is both problems don’'t effect mice which are plugged into the same systems the Wacom hardware is. Just the pens are crippled by the effects detailed above.

We use the latest tablet software for each, usually download every few months from Wacom and store on a live backup and we’'re running Spark 2.5.1.

Any help would be appreciated,


Hello. Also using a Wacom tablet, can confirm the above. Odd thing is it doesn’‘t happen every time - I sometimes can open a chat window by double tapping on a name in the roster, but it’'s so rarely successful that I simply right click a name these days. Not the end of the world, but odd. Using 2.51 and latest OpenFire, Windows XP and SBS2003.

Having just transferred a file to someone I realised that this issue crops up elsewhere - it is all but impossible to drill down through a series of folders by double tapping with the pen - the mouse works just fine. Still, musn’'t grumble, a great product, so thank you!

Hello All,

I wonder if this has become a documented Bug or a Feature for new version?

I would greatly appreciate an update even if there is no planned progress for this issue.

Thanks again,


Still hoping to hear back anything at all about this issue… If there is anything you guys need to start a bug report, please let me know.