Spark Omemo Encrytion

Hello sir ,
i’m a budding enthusiast. I want to provide spark with omemo encryption . But i’m confused how to start .
I need to discuss the existing issues with someone. I need a community to discuss my work with and to clear doubts related to existing codes. Could you please help me with it ? Thanking you in anticipation .

There are no active full time developers working on Spark. Current Spark code has been recently updated to Smack 4.2.3, which i think already supports OMEMO. Maybe @Paul_Schaub can help you (he is the author of OMEMO in Smack), but he might be busy with other things.

Yes Sir. I’ve contacted him. He informed me that Spark still lacks support for OMEMO. And yes he is busy recently , so it’s only unfair to disturb him now. ( @Paul_Schaub :wink: haha ) .
Anyways i would love to check if i get to contact someone who can can indulge in elementary stuff .

I’m not a developer myself and i can’t suggest anyone. @Alameyo did some work on certificates last summer. But i’m not sure he is not busy either :slight_smile:

Maybe starting with a simple task (adding an easy feature or fixing a small bug) would be the best way to go to make yourself familiar with the code base.

Adding support for consistent color generation is what comes to mind, as Smack also added support for it not too long ago…

Speaking of that. There are a lot of minor tickets in Jira :slight_smile:

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Hello. Any progress with implementing OMEMO in Spark?

Nope. I tried doing it long ago then but found it difficult. So I took easier tasks and kept getting familiar with XMPP code. Now if I look at it, it would be much easier. But if you want to implement it yourself, you may go ahead and the community would be more than happy to have you :slight_smile:

I wish I could, but I have no idea about programming. This client is flagship of OpenFire, it is a bit strange that same standards are not implemented in it.

OMEMO is a client side standard, so it can’t be the same with Openfire :slight_smile: Anyway, short story - these are open source projects fully dependable on volunteer developers and Spark has not much interest from such. Longer story -

I am a bit confused. I checked the website, there is Spark listed, and it has Tracking Issue: - where it says that the issue is RESOLVED.
Clearly it is not resolved if it does not support OMEMO. ;/ No one can create the FIRST ONE Mac XMPP client with full OMEMO support, because seriously, there is no Mac clients that would work properly…

Where do you see that? On it has an icon which says “Client is working on OMEMO support”. This is probably a bit confusing, but it means that work on OMEMO support is in progress still. And it also shows an empty progress bar besides Spark. Which is correct as no work has been done yet. In our JIRA tracker it says UNresolved actually and the ticket is in Open state.

Oh, I see. Sorry, i saw written resolved a bit lower:

is related to

[SMACK-743] Add support for XEP-0384: OMEMO Encryption. * Resolved

Yeah. This is a ticket for Smack library, which Spark is using. This is just linked to the Spark ticket to show that some work is done in another place and is related.