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Spark On Blackberry

Hello all. I am curious about the possibility of running Spark on a Blackberry device. I am not really a developer, but from what I have discovered, Blackberries run Java Micro Edition. It looks like it is based upon Java 5.


So my question is, would it be possible to port Spark over to the Blackberry platform without major modifications?

Hi Caleb,

It would not be possible to put the current Spark onto a blackberry. HOWEVER, we have talked about doing/finding a solution that would be appropriate for the blackberry. We are still in discovery mode. Name ideas? SparkBerry?



Thanks for the reply. I was pretty sure that it wasn’‘t possible, but it’'s good to hear that you guys are looking into that area. SparkBerry sounds good to me!

Just checking to see if there has been any update on this situation since the last post (Almost 3 years)


I would be very interested too in testing this SparkBerry

I’m afraid there won’t be any update on this. So far Jive has dropped Spark development (only some community users are doing some developing), so i doubt any portable version will come out soon.