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Spark on Citrix - Prevent Duplication of Plugins in Profiles


We deploy Spark through our Citrix environment.

In our Citrix environment, we use Citrix’s brand of “roaming profiles” - “Citrix User Profile Management”

Regardless, we use a form of “roaming profiles” so each of our 1200+ users have a profile folder on the file server.

With this configuration, we obviously try to limit the volume of data stored in these profiles.

Whenever a user logs into our Citrix environment and launches “Spark”, the application creates a folder in the profile and copies 9 .jar files to the “AppData\Roaming\Spark\Plugins” folder. See attachment.

Although the plugins are only 7MB of space for each user, it still eats up 8.5GB of space.

If we are only using Spark for instant messaging, do we need all of the plug-ins.

Is there any way to prevent each user getting a copy of the plug-ins?