Spark on Mac OS X is intrusive


except from not being a native application on Mac OS X, the Spark client (Version 2.6.3 (12555)) is not really a nice citizen. If I minimize it to the dock or hide it with Cmd-H the contact list keeps popping up after a minute. This is very annoying. A new message would be a valid reason for that, but it’s doing it all the time even when there is no new message. This is driving me crazy.

Edit: it even happens when I’m not trying to hide it and keep it open in the background. After a few minutes it moves to the foreground.

Another minor issue: I can open multiple preferences windows with the two different menu options (this is present under windows as well).

Can you please open Jira issues for that? (Running Lion 10.7.1 here).

Thanks, Regards,