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Spark on Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.6


I have a small problem with Spark on Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.6

Everything is fine, but when I minimize the window (spark itself stays online), I can’t maximize it any more. I’m actually talking about “closing” the window, not minimizing it into the tray as a miniature window.

As said, “closing” doesn’t close Spark, it stays online, but just closes the window. I just can’t get back to it without shutting down spark and starting it again …



Closing the roster window is not supposed to quit the application in spark. There should be an icon for spark in the dock as well as the menu bar. If clicking the dock icon does not bring the roster back or the spark menus at the very least, then try the icon on the menu bar near your clock.

Hi Todd, what you descibe it exactly, what I’d expect, but this is not working. The App is still alive in the dock but neither ⌘ click nor the spark menues bring back the spark window …


That is odd my copy is functioning as is expected.

Hi Todd

sorry for not getting back earlier … I got my MB replaced … funny enough, I still have the same problem - but my colleague (running an “old” MBP CD) does not have this problem …

I attached a viedeo to make clear what I mean and illustrate the problem, hopefully someone knows something …

spark_problem.mov (3026876 Bytes)