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Spark on Startup


We are having a problem with Spark and auto startup. On some of the machines in our office, Spark will come up automatically from a cold boot. Some will not. We are also having a problem with Spark not coming back up if a user logs off their system and attempts to log back in. The Auto Login and Launch on Startup boxes have been checked. We have also updated to version 2.5. Any thoughts?


We have the exact same problem, on some machines spark simply doesn’'t start even though “launch on startup” is checked. You can place a spark shortcut in your start folder (on windows), but that is a bit hacky I think - the “launch on startup” ought to work in the first place.


I’'ve tried to put the “Spark.exe” shortcut into the “%USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup” directory and turned off the “AutoLogon” feature. On some Windows XP machines this is going on without no problem, but others start up with “Spark error”. I will try to capture screenshots next time a user report that kind of problem.

After system startup when user launches the Spark manually, it starts up without no problem…

Is there any solution up to this?

Windows XP Pro SP1, Windows XP Pro SP2, Windows 2000 Pro SP4 users report that kind of problem

Spark version is 2.5.2

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I’'m bumping this thread with hopes of someone from Jive with acknowledge and log an issue.

I too am having this problem and it appears to have started (at least for me) in 2.51 and exists in all versions from 2.51 to current.


Hello. Does this describe your problem? http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/198123