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Spark on windows, Empathy on ubuntu 9.10 and iChat on Mac OSX Leopard with Openfire


I have Openfire running on a server and i have configured some Empathy clients on Ubuntu 9.10, some iChat clients on Mac OSX and a lot of Spark clients on Windows.

Spark play well between Windows clients but when i want to tranfer a file between Spark Windows and Ichat on Mac OSX or Empathy on Ubuntu 9.10. It does’nt work ! But between iChat and Empathy, it works ???

Then, i have installed Spark on Mac OSX and Ubuntu 9.10 and it works !

But on Ubuntu 9.10, Computers with Spark 2.6.0 beta 2 are working with some bugs with the tar.gz package but not with the .deb package that requires libstcd++5; Ubuntu 9.10 has libstdc++6 !

The bugs on ubuntu are a double icon on the notification bar and Spark’s windows are not always visible in the task bar !

So, i prefer using empathy that have a great integration on the system but the file transfer is not working !

Do you have any suggestion to do it working ?

you can see a screenshot associated to my post.

Thanks in advance

I suggest to watch this doc http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1822 and wait for the updated deb package. Or you can use jar installer instead. I havent see the bugs that you described with the latest version on Ubuntu. As about file transfer problems, there are alot more problems with transfers, and there are no developers to fix that.

I have reinstalled spark on Ubuntu 9.10 with the jar file !

The double systray icon still here ! … it is not really a problem, just a look and feel bug !

But i really prefer using empathy with ubuntu 9.10 because of the integration of it with the status of my account in the system …

Spark is not integrated with it, not with then notifications bubbles too …

for the problem of the file transfert. Could it be a bug with the telepathy protocol ?

Linux and Mac work well together with iChat and Empathy but Spark can’t send or receive a file with them !


I identified another bug with Spark on Ubuntu 9.10.

When i start a discussion, the dialog box appears in the window list tab at the bottom of my screen.

But when someone contacts me, the dialog box is opened automatically and does not appear at the windows list !

Sorry, but i’m unable to reproduce both double-icon and message window doesnt appearing in the bottm taskbar issue on my Ubuntu 9.10 in VirtualBox with the Spark jar installer.

Ok, is it because i am using 3D Desktop Effects ?

Apparently not, even if i desactivate it !

I have java jre 1.6.0_15 installed on my system … an nvidia graphic card, intel dual core processor …

Something’s wrong on my system ?

I’m using latest SVN version from here http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1822 (jar installer, because deb will require libstdc++5).

It is already this version that i have installed …

Well, i use it when i have to send files or having a discussion in a conference …

But i really prefer empathy … with it’s integration in the system but Spark is pretty cool !

I will use both.

I got Spark 2.6.0 beta 2 runnign on Ubuntu.

In order to get the notification icon, with or witout compiz activated, i have to use the spark launch script joined with this message.

In order to add a launcher to the menu with a great icon, i have to add this spark-32x32.png icon joined with this message.

In order to have spark not complaining about lib/windows i have to unzip windows.zip in lib/ path of Spark … joined with this message.

Well … hope this help.
spark.zip (442 Bytes)
windows.zip (1252537 Bytes)

Ok, i have tested one thing : this example


And the tray icon works on Ubuntu 9.10 with compiz activated … and java version “1.6.0_15”

So what’s the difference with the src of Spark (in src/plugins/linux/src/java/SparkSystemTray.java) ?

Why it does not work for me, this tray icon ?