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Spark + OpenFire + AD SSO

Hi all!
I have a ubuntu server running openfire, and workstations with Windows 8.1 and spark installed.
The problem is, when launching Spark it determines Account incorrectly. Please let me know where the mistake could be? Thank you.

As I guess an account should look like account_name@domain.name, buh there is xmpp/openfire@domain.name instead of.

Please, somebody!
On the other PC I’ve get correct account, so now the trouble is - SASLError using GSSAPI: not-authorized.
Everything looks OK, kinit told me “Authenticated to Kerberos v5”, all the SPN are correct (I think so), I’ve created the SRVs to _xpmm, _xmpp-client and _xmpp-server. Nslookup is OK, so I don’t get what’s wrong…(
I see no logs at the openfire directly when I try to SSO. Does it mean that the problem is in Spark, or Win8.1? Or something else?

I’ve got it! The reason was just firewall. Port 5222 was unavailable, so I fix it, and it works!