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Spark, Openfire and Swedish character


I have a problem with Spark and Swedish character. When a user have a äöå or ÄÖÅ character in their username than Spark won’t let them logon.

What can I do about this? (Too many users to change their logon name, folders, policy’s and so on)

Or is it the openfire server that don’t allow the logon?

Hi Morten. There is another thread about this here


and a JIRA issue about this (in Spark) here:


When I had this issue I managed to persuade the management to change our usernames instead (no capital letters, no spaces and no “swedish characters”), but afaik the issue should be resolved.



Hi John,

interesting to read that SPARK-381 should be fixed, my user “bön” can still not login.



i forgot to write that we are using the new 2.5.8 version and it still don’t work in that.

I’m not at programmer so the description is saying me nothing. If it’s so easy to change the feal and look and default´font then why is there not a ready fix or atleast the ready file so we can just copy that file into the dir and then try.

Maybe someone can fix a file like that for us non programming users?