Spark OpenFire and Vista

I perused through the documentation and couldn’t really determine if my use situation is even possible.

I’d like to use Spark on my LAN as well as to chat with other Spark users across the Internet who use it at their company - basically this is one-to-one across WLAN right now. I guess the analogy would be i want to run MS Communicator on my system running Vista, and communicate with other users in a different company also using Communicator.

If I’m interpreting the setup correctly, all Spark users have to be added on one server or the other. Is that correct?

What other limitations are there? ie, do i have to be running a domain server on Vista in order to add other users, or do I have to be added to the other company’s system?


It’s hard to give you an easy and clear answer. It depends on many things. One option is to have one server with all users registered and then to connect to that server with Spark clients. Another option is to have a number of separate servers and to use server-2-server connection to share users. s2s configuration can be found in the Admin Console. Anyway you will probably face the server’s name resolution issues or DNS (internet clients and maybe even your LAN clients will have to “know” your server’s name to be able to connect to it), firewall and port forwarding issues. This can be the same with the MS Communicator solution. You will have to specify a lot more technical information about your network setup, for us to be able to give more precise advices.