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Spark / Openfire Crashes Several Times a Week

Hello! We are running an older version of Openfire (3.8.2) and it seems to be crashing several times a week now. Each time Spark stops responding we have to log into the Openfire server, restart the service, and then reconfigure Spark from the WebUI in order to get it up and running again. I’m unsure of how to read the logs to determine the issue; is anyone able to assist?

first Id recommend upgrading openfire. Also, how many users do you have and active connections? what os are you using?

Thanks Speedy. I’m nervous about upgrading as we haven’t done it before & our database is external. We’d be making a bit of a jump & I want to be as prepared as possible, but it’s tough finding a guide that includes potential setbacks/reconfigurations.

We have 356 users and typically ~150 connected at any given time. Right now we’ve got:

147 current users
81 active conversations
949 packets per minute

Our last crash was yesterday afternoon at around 3PM. I can provide logs if it will help, but I’m not sure how to sort them to get the relevant information from yesterday.

upgrades go pretty smooth. a potential concern may be with plugins.

simply backup your external database and your openfire install folder is enough to preform a rollback if needed. If you’re virtualized, you could just snapshot the whole thing before upgrading.

you’re likely running out of memory to the jvm. increasing the amount of memory allows for the jvm will likely resolve your issue, but you really should upgrade

Also in the case of out of memory issues using the latest version will allow to use 64-bit version with 64-bit Java, which will allow to set a higher max Java memory value than with 32-bit one.

jasti, i understand that you want to fix your issue. Checking logs might give some insight, but in reality, we just can’t support such old versions when many issues might already be fixed.

What are the errors logged by Openfire at the time of the crash?

Thank you so much everyone for your replies! I am going to schedule an upgrade and possibly increase memory on this server as well. Is there a good upgrade guide I should consult for this?

There is no definitive guide for upgrading from such an old version. Essentially - do backup and try. If it fails, you may try upgrading in steps (you can get older versions here https://github.com/igniterealtime/Openfire/releases). Not sure what OS are you using and if you are using it as a service. You should stop Openfire and the service before doing an upgrade.

After running the installation file for the latest version will I need to reconfigure all of my settings, LDAP, etc?

If everything goes well, no.

Will I need to upgrade my Spark client to the latest version once Openfire is upgraded? Or can I upgrade Openfire and then get Spark clients upgraded a little while afterward?

Different versions of Openfire and Spark should be still compatible, but as always upgrading is recommended.

Depends on what Spark version you are using. I think i was still able to login with 2.6.3 to the newest Openfire version. But there were some problems with 2.6.3 when Openfire 3.10.0 came out and then it was needed to update to at least 2.7.x version.