Spark & Openfire & Roaming Profiles


I am currently using SPARk 2.5.8 and Openfire 3.5.0 and we have a few issues.

Our users have mandatory profiles which seems to be causing an issue with SPARK.

I have sent out spark with JRE via GPO. It has installed on the PC’s. I have also looked around here for help and have done the following.

A logon script that checks for a for the user. If the user does not have one, then the file is created with the correct settings.

@echo Off






ECHO Setting up new Spark user profile - Please wait!




ECHO server=(ourserver)>> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO idleTime=5 >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO windowTakesFocus=false >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO spellCheckerEnabled=true >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO passwordSaved=true >> %SPARKPREFS%


ECHO showHistory=true >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO lastUpdateCheck= >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO defaultChatLengthTimeout=300 >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO autoLoginEnabled=False >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO chatNotificationOn=true >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO timeDisplayed=true >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO showEmptyGroups=false >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO toasterPopup=true >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO startOnStartup=true %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO startHidden=true %SPARKPREFS%


My problem is that the SPARK folder is created for the user in their local profile, but on the server a spark folder is created in the profile directory. This is being changed by each user as they log on.

Also the username of the last person to login is remembered.

Can I tell spark where to get the file from and can I redirect the working directory to x:\spark

We are a school and as such we lock pretty much everything down. I just can’t see how I can get spark to work in my environment effectively.

Server 2003, AD, XP SP2 Clients.

If someone can point me to literature for this then that would be great.

I still have not been able to resolve this issue with roaming profiles.

Any ideas?

Are you saying that it is creating the spark folder local and on your server at the same time? I am in a large school system, we are using folder redirection for application data, desktop, and others, and I have yet to see any problems at all, I deploy a custom spark version out via logon script, create custom properties file that I push out, that is created automatically, on the fly, only once if exists, and even have our server hard coded into spark, as to make it pre-configured. Different people log onto all the systems all the time, and I have never had a problem with it remembering the last user or anything like that… can you provide me with some extra info, so I might be able to take a crack at resolving this issue for you!


Do I undersatnd correctly you have a remote default profile on the server. This is the profile that determines what the user’s account looks like on initial sign in. Then their individual roaming profile is written to server on logout. You issue is that spark is creating a spark folder in the default profile as well as their roaming profile? You do not have the default profile flagged as read only? Do you not have the spark folder already in the default profile with a generic setup with all your preferred setting?

is this script running as a user level policy?

Did you rename the NTuser.dat file of the mandatory user profile to This flags the entire profile as read only.