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Spark - Openfire - VCard and user Picture

Hello Community,

In my Company we are using:

  • Active Directory on a Windows Server 2008.

  • OpenFire 3.7.1 (Windows)

  • Spark 2.6.3

I found a way to set my Profile Picture in Spark.

But i want to change the pictures of the other user too with the open Fire admin, but the picture won’t save in the profile.

Please help.

Did u find a solution for this? i’m looking for same!

Spark is changing the picture not openfire. Openfre has Read only access to AD. The pictures you set in spark are a spark setting. You can get third party tools to add Pictures to AD and then configure openfire to use those pictures.

Todd, i respect your privacy, but your current nickname is braking forum layout.

Hello Chaniska,

I didn’t fintd a global solution. I wrote a descripton for the user, that they can self change their avatar.

But if there is a way to use the AD Pictures in Spark, I found a tool to set them.

“AD Photo Edit Free Edition”.

If you use this tool you can set the pictures of the users.

They will save in AD. When you use Outlook 2010 you will see the pictures for the users.

any recommended tools to add pics to AD?

Also once thats done what config should be done on Openfire?

will try that. but our Exchnage is on a Hosted server so changing pic in AD might not update outlook?

if your hosted exchange is bound to your AD for users then it should pull the images and they should show in outlook.

Its not bound. 2 different domain name

aw getting pics on outlook is a different topic (but nice to have) i was trying to see about spark and openfire.

Since when there are lot of users and some have similar namesits easy to have a fixed image to identify them