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Spark & OTR/Messsage Encryption

Is there a doc or tutorial on how to properly use the OTR function in Spark messenger? I tried it the other day. Clicked the lock icon, sent a few messages, the transcript wasn’t encrypted at all though. Thanks.

the client transcript is written before encryption(when sending), and after decryption (when receiving). it may not be feasible to encrypt the transcript file, since the key pair would still have to be on the client somewhere, therefore it could be used to decrypt the transcript

There is no documentation/guide. OTR implementation is also very old and most probably won’t be included in next version of Spark because there is no new libraries available to use with new build system. As speedy told, encryption happens during the transmission. To use it, one has to start the OTR, then the other side has to accept and then it should start encrypting the traffic.

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