Spark over VPN


I have a Openfire server at my office. I have clients who is using spark as client, everythings works well.

Some users, wants to connect from outside the office over VPN. after connection to the Vpn, i can connect to spark but i cant display any other users.

If i log on on openfire web console, i can see users on line (green light), but on his computer, i can’t display users nethier groups.

Thanks for you help


There are many vpn solutions, so there are no general answer to your question. E.g. Spark works fine for us using Fortinet Fortigate VPN solution. So it must be something with your VPN configuration (blocking something maybe) or other network issue which is very hard to investigate. At least provide the name of your VPN hardware/software, so maybe someone using same stuff will advice something. Though, most probably you won’t receive any reply on such topic.