Spark plugin goes to wrong URL

In trying to get Redfire working, I’ve noticed that my problem is that the Spark plugin is taking me to the wrong URL when screen sharing - and I assume when it’s trying to do anything else…which would explain why it’s not working. I’m wondering how it comes up with that screen sharing URL…in my case, I’m logged into Spark by using an IP address for the server name - I would have expected it to use that for the host name in the URL, but instead it’s using a domain name that doesn’t resolve to my Openfire server. The name was listed as the “server name”, under the server properties on the admin page - so I tried changing that, but the URL still remained the same…so I’m really not sure where it’s getting that from. Any ideas?

Probably it is taking it from xmpp.domain property in System Properties of Openfire. But i do not advice changing it in there to your IP address. This can break things. Not sure, but i’ve heard you should better rerun the setup process and then specify new domain name. Anyway, do a backup of your server before doing anything.

I’ve tried messing with that property beforehand, and it made no difference on the URL…so it must be getting it from somewhere else. I’ve looked at the database, and I’m wondering if it’s getting it from the JID fields? I don’t see anything else with that domain listed…Maybe I should try looking at the code for the plugin, to see if I can figure out what it’s doing…

Could be JIDs. And they don’t change if you just change that property. I haven’t done this myself, but i think that they should change after rerunning the setup.

Wow - ok, it seems like it’s something very odd…I changed the server name to my IP and after a service restart, I’d managed to get it to work one way - that is, user A was able to share the screen with B, but B could not with A. After much fiddling, I figured out that the only difference between the users was that A didn’t have an email address assigned to it. As soon as I put that in, it works both ways…take it out, and it stops again. Hope this helps someone else!

Oh - lastly, installing Flash 10.3 was what got me going to some extent…10.1 didn’t seem to work with RedFire very well.