Spark Pop-Up

Hi All,

I’m very new to this so apologies if this is a silly question.

I’m the network manager for a secondary school and have recently gone through the setup process for OpenFire (on Server 2008 R2) and Spark on a Windows 7 client. I’ve been very impressed so far… especially with the Active Directory integration.

I have a few niggles with it though… the main one being that, when a message is sent, it doesn’t pop up. All that happens is the Spark icon flashes in the task bar. I don’t think this is obvious enough for some staff. Is there a way to make the message window ‘pop-up’ when a message is sent?



you have a few options. in the Preferences menus, go to notifications.

from there you can select “bring window to front”

Other options are to use the toaster popup or the roar plug in.

Perfect - I was hoping there would be an easy answer. Thanks.

Just to follow on from that… I’ve managed to modify a lot of the settings for our users by editing the ‘’ file inside the ‘spark.jar’ file. Things like ‘disabling exit’ and ‘disabling password change’. Is there a way to force that “bring window to front” setting by modifying a setting somewhere? I cannot see it inside ‘’.

Thanks again

I THINK that you can add the properties you want to the file, but I’m not sure. @wroot would know better than me. Lets see if he can offer any insight.

Thete are no option for that in and it is not trivial to add something in there. At least in a proper way and not just hiding options in the gui as i have done for auto login and password save. There is still way to enable them via

Apologies for my stupidity Wroot… how do I enable ‘bring window to the front’ in then?

I don’t remember exact name of this property, but you can enable it via preferences and then check for what have changed.

Actually, i was a bit wrong about the implementation. I think i can look into this at some point. Of course, this only works when Spark is launched and user can change it while Spark is running.

EDIT: I’ve found where the setting is stored… it IS stored in… but there are two!

One of the is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Spark\lib\spark.jar\org\jivesoftware\resource* and the other is in C:\Users*user\Application Data\Spark.

The problem there is that it is much easier for me distribute to a ‘Program Files’ than it is to a roaming ‘user profile’ application folder in the root of C (I would have to have it as some kind of logon script).

The actual setting is toasterPopup=true… so I thought to try adding the setting to the in ‘Program Files’ but the change doesn’t make any effect sadly. I was hoping this one might be some kind of master copy which rules the user specific ‘user profile’ version. But it doesn’t seem so.

Any ideas? Thanks again.

you’re looking for

windowTakesFocus=true (or false).

and your looking to edit the files located in the users profile. %appdata%/Spark

Thanks Speedy… I’d just discovered it (see post above yours)… any ideas on that?

In the past, I’ve just used a login script. You could also use a script script to copy the files for you during install.

Spark won’t change file in user’s profile with a version from spark.jar. Unless you delete user’s file. But then you will lose other settings and login information.

It is possible to have a script which will change just some parts of user’s file.

What if the user has never run it before? e.g. I install Spark with the modified spark.jar/properties? Will it pick it up then? (I guess this is something I can test…!)

Actually, after looking at the inside the spark.jar i can’t say that. It looks like this file is meant to set paths for all the images in GUI, not to create default for a user. So, no use in this one.