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Spark, preload server for install via AD GPO

Is it possible to preload the server name and then prevent users from changing it for an install via AD/GPO?


This is possible but it is rather convoluted. The problem is the Spark preferences are stored in a location of the users profile that can not be targeted by installer scripts (MSI and EXE). For this reason you need to first run a logon script to create the Spark folder and copy the spark.properties file to that folder. You can then install Spark via an MSI (or other format if you want more difficulty).

In order to ensure that they don’t see the screen where they can change the server, I would make sure SSO is working. Then set the preferences in spark to autolgin, and add spark to the startup items. The easy way to configure the preferences is configure your copy of spark with the settings you want as the default, then edit out any references to your username (including download folder location).

I built a custom MSI for deploy ment that automatically created the startup icon and copied the preferences file to the Default User profile. That ensures that any new users get the spark settings. Users that are already on the machine get the settings via a login script that checks if the file is present. If not it creates the Spark folder in their profile and copies the pref file to it.