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Spark profile/avatar cannot be set - no option for it

I installed the spark exe on my windows machine and I do not have the option to set/edit my profile information. In the previous version I had the option, I dont know if this is a bug because on the linux install I have that option. I need assistance thanks.

What version did you install and what previous version were you using, and why did you install this other version (bug fixes, new features)?

The version i installed was the one from last year. I dont know the version number but i later installed 2.5.8 and it didnt have the option edit profile. now i downloaded 2.6.0 beta and installed on a fresh laptop and it had d option. Now upgrading the 2.5.8 to 2.6.0 didnt change anything. Does spark need any addon for the option to work??? Now I am really confused, I just like to get this solved

This feature is in every version including 2.5.8. this is not a bug with the software. My guess is something went wrong with the install of the software on your machine. Completely remove it and reinstall. THis includes deleteing a user generated spark files from their profile folder.

I guess so. Maybe I will try exactly what you suggested because I know it generates files in documenst & setting and also in the program files during install. I will remove all of it and re-install again. Thanks