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Spark Proxy Settings to connect from behind a firewall


i am running a test IM service using Open Fire 3.6.3.

i can successfuly connect to my IM service using Spark 2.5.8 if am directly connected to internet.

i want to connect to MY IM Server from my office network from behind a firewall. what i need to write in settings ? we can assume following details for a scenario

Information A

server name : myimservice.com

serverip :

server HTTP bind port : 7070

information B

local proxy settiings for web browsing

proxy ip :

port : 8080

i have tried to use information B in Proxy column of spark client but get error. invalid name or server unreachable.

please help to to fix the issue



Hi Arslan,

please move this question into the Spark forum.

Spark does support a HTTP proxy only to download updates or new plugins but not for login. There are plans to use BOSH (similar to Sparkweb) but it may take a while before Spark does support this.


Hi LG,

may i know whether spark is supporting Http proxy for login also now i.e spark2.6.0 version? I am badly in need of that.