Spark Questions

1.) We are seeing that some of the users that have the Spark client (2.5.8) do not always see the Public IM icons when they start the client up. Sometimes logging out and back in fixes it but sometimes it doesn’t. I have the Public IM networks all set to allow anyone permission. Is there any other setting that I am missing?

2.) I have noticed that sometimes when I and some others open a chat window that when I type my message and hit enter, the message stays in the smaller window and does NOT move to the history window and the cursor just goes to the begining of the message I just typed and does not clear the message out. The weird part is the person I am chatting to sees the message. It is happening more often then not…Any suggestions?


Have you tried Spark 2.6.0 BETA2? I’d recommend trying it otherwise we may be looking for problems that have already been fixed.

  1. looks like this

1)… yeah I am seeing this time to time, though most of the time it loads fine for me. But there is no fix for that and it seems that for a developer it’s hard to find the course of that. It’s a weird problem. Can’t find right now a JIRA issue which describes how is Spark loading the toolbar icons in a different manner on the different systems.