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Spark ram not releasing


When a user recieves a message, the javaw.exe memory usage increases, which is fine and what you expect asa new tab/window is open, however, this memory is never released, java keeps it untill you close spark.

This is a problem as if you get a message from say 15 people in a morning then memory used is a bout 220MB, which is crap when most of our desktops only have 512MB in them.

Our old client would release ram ok once the conversation window is closed.

Is there anything we can do here? upgrding 350 machines isnt an option! Can we set javas max memory to ony ever use say 128 MB ram or someting?



sorry, should clarify all workstations are win32 XP sp2

JVM has garbage collection, so it is not always visible which memory is “free”.

I think you should limit the available memory to Spark in this case. Search for vmoptions and commandline options, I don’t have this in my memory, but it is entirely possible.

Spark Memory Settings

ok this is just silly now

Open spark on a cold machine

javaw.exe imdiatly climbs to approx 250Mb

spark.exe is a approx 24Mb

Thats even if i use those settings, or trial and error with other numbers.

spark is v 2.5.7 the jvm is the one that comes with it.

So with the os loaded and spark, thats it, 512mb rams gone. Im sure this cannot be how sparks intended to run. Anyone help

I am getting serious heat from the boss now, and looks like we will have to go back to our old jabber client (24MB used)

last plee before I setup camp this weekend to switch all 350 workstations back



I use the EXE installer and I have only a Spark.exe process which uses 58 MB memory and 50 MB virtual memory according to the Windows Task Manager.

Did you use the MSI installer? Did you try to kill javaw.exe … for this sounds a lot like an other java application.