Spark reconnect issue


Finding that if network connection drops for a reason and then comes back, that the spark client is unable to successfully reconnect so have to quit and restart spark. Is this a know issue or is there some config required to make reconnecting work properly?? Running latest openfire and spark builds and using Active Directory authentication.


By latest you mean latest nightly builds? Spark 2.7.0 should handle reconnects better than 2.6.3 or older versions. And it works fine for me. Though recently we had an issue when Spark was often losing connection and then freezing showing “Reconnecting” status. It was a malfunction in a switch. Solved this by replacing it. So, maybe you have some micro disconnects or other network issues causing Spark to not handle it gracefully.

yes, nightly builds. The specific scenario I am thinking of is a laptop user that undocks their machine to go to a meeting and when returning to their desk and re-docking, the client just sits there saying ‘reconnecting’. I can replicate the issue from any machine using any client build which makes me think its more of a software (client or server) issue than network one - also because other running apps reconnect fine when the laptop is re-docked.

Well, i can’t say that i have never seen bad reconnecting, though usually it works ok for me, though i rarely unplug my laptop to go with it somewhere. So, this would be not an easy task to pinpoint the culprit (keeping in mind various network and PC configurations). And currently Spark has no active developers, so i don’t think this would be addressed soon.