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Spark remembering old settings

In Spark, I renamed a user “Old Boss”. I then deleted the user.

On Openfire, I did a shared group and this user still shows up as “old boss”. I even uninstalled Spark and reinstalled, but the setting is still there.

If you have this user in ashared group and you have deleted it only in your Spark, then it will be pushed back to your roster after a Spark restart. That’s how shared groups work. If you want to delete this users from everyone’s rosterm then delete it in shared group (in Admin Console).

I tried deleting the group and User from Admin Conole. However, there is a lock symbol by delete. I can not change the settings or delete user.

A lock sign? Haven’t see such with a simple local users. Are you using it with LDAP integration by any chance?

yes. We use LDAP.

I have two users.

  1. One created groups in his Spark and even after he deletes it, it shows up.

  2. Someone nicknamed someone else. He wants to delete the nickname, but it still shows up.

In Admin Console, I see both settings, but can not remove the group or change nicknames because it is locked.

I’m not using LDAP, so can’t help here much. Usually Spark lets create or delete custom groups. If you change a nick of someone in shared group, this information is saved in your roster info on a server, not in Spark locally, and usually there is no way to revert to original name (if you change it to original name in Spark manually, then it won’t update automatically if that name changes on a server). So in that case i just delete an account who has changed nicknames of someone and create it again. Probably this is not a solution for LDAP based roster.