Spark resizing full screen windows


Our company works off of a DOS based, Windows Command Prompt style software. Most of our users run the shortcut in ‘Maximized’ mode, as the smaller windows makes the text too hard to read, etc.

Our company also uses Spark, so here is the problem: When our users are working in full-screen mode on our software and someone sends them a spark message, it automatically un-focuses their current window, and resizes the command prompt window. The only way for them to re-maximize the window is to close the command prompt, and run it again from the shortcut in ‘maximized’ mode.

Is there a way to stop Spark from un-focusing your current window? I’ve looked through settings, the only related item I see is under “Notifications” Preferences, but changing those settings has no effect.

Thanks in advance, any help is appreciated

-TJ Hohm

Looks like SPARK-1167. Still not fixed.

Gah. Yea looks like a known bug thats not fixed. Thanks for the info!