Spark / ROAR properties


i established Spark (2.7.1) in my company, and i works great! i customized a lot of things… spark.jar and But now i have a little problem. I want a popup-window that only closes when I finish it with “X” or something.

With ROAR i can handle it. “Popups enabled” and a Duration “9999999999999999999999” works great. But now my question. Where i can find the roar properties? I want to replace one file. When the users launches his client Spark runs automatically.

best regards

Actually, you don’t have to add a huge number. 0 will work as infinite time for popup to stay. I have added “(0 = infinite)” to duration setting for 2.7.2 version, so it would be more obvious for users (if you need, you can download the nightly build with that change from here (690 build): Ignite Realtime: Spark Nightly Builds ) is created in the same place as (e.g. C:\Users\wroot\AppData\Roaming\Spark), so, you can set Roar properties on one computer the way you like, then copy file from that PC to all others and they will have Roar enabled with those properties once they start their Spark.