Spark roster not populating

We have had quite a few problems with people’s list not populating at all.

Is this a caching problem?

Also, when i look at the sessions on the web panel, the people who do not have a list populated have a presence of ‘offline’ but a status of ‘authenticated’

Try having them quit spark, delete their spark preferences folder from their profile folder on their computer (i.e on windows xp: %userprofile%\spark), then relaunch spark.

Just installed the latest version of Openfire (3.6.0) and I’m having the exact same issue with MY OWN account. I’ve tried several workaround that used to work when I encountered this w/ other users (adding a space to their display name in active directory usually worked).

I tried the recommend deleting the spark folder without any luck - still show authenticated in sessions, but status is “Offline”…not only that, but my userlist is completely empty - i see all users as “Offline”

Any other recommendations?

I ran into the exact same issue for all of my users after upgrading to Openfire 3.6.0 regardless of client used (a few insist on using Miranda or Pidgeon). The only resolution I could find was to downgrade to Openfire 3.5.2.

A newer version of Openfire 3.6.0 was released last night, I believe, called 3.6.0a that fixes a lot of database upgrade issues and some issues related to LDAP authentication. If you are using LDAP and downloaded Openfire before the most recent version, upgrading may correct your issue.

Whew…ok…i think i’m fixed. Last night I cleared the cache, stopped the Openfire service, then installed the 3.6.0a update. When it came back up, i logged in and checked my status in the admin area - authenticated AND online!..woo-hoo!! Just checked this morning for all my other users and everyone is showing correctly. Don’t know if the stars were aligned or what, but i’ve learned not to question success - just enjoy it while it lasts!