Spark running in Remote Desktop Farm (win2008 r2) need help


I’m having an issue with Spark running in a RD session.

This is the current scenario:

Openfire server.

Then we have a RDS Farm with 3 servers and one broker. Most part of the users connect to the TS farm using a simple remote desktop icon, then they get a session with a custom desktop with all the aplications the company uses, spark included. In this scenario Spark doesn’t work.

A small part of the company uses Remote Applications that are published by Windows Remapp Service in their local desktop.

This users can open Spark with no problem at all.

Our big issue is our remote desktop users. Spark refuses to open for those users, double-clicking the shortcut or the .exe has no response at all.

Any idea why this happens?

Did a lot of research and so far didn’t find anything.

The realy strange thing is that Spark works with the remapp users. Remapp is still a remote desktop connection but “forged” as a local app, at least for the user eyes.

Maybe this remapp is saving Spark profile locally? I think there always were some issues with remote or redirected profiles with Spark.

What’s the default folder for the spark profile?

C:\Users"username"\spark ?

I have Folder Redirection for everyone working in the TS Farm, remapp users included. Folder redirection of everything : Appdata, Desktop, Docs, Favorites, etc.

The ONLY diference is:

remote desktop users -> redirection of desktop - all users to the same folder (same desktop for every1)

remapp users -> redirection of desktop - create folder for each user.

So the possible cause could be permissions in the desktop folder.

Because, since its a default desktop for everyone in the remote desktop scenario, it can’t be changed so, write permissions for that folder are denied.

So I specifcally add the test user with full control on the desktop folder, but spark still doesnt work.

Nuno Correia wrote:

What’s the default folder for the spark profile?

C:\Users"username"\spark ?

Correct for 2.5.8 version. But in 2.6.0 RC1 it is in username\application data\spark

in vista/win7 this will be in appdata\roaming\spark