Spark save Spark folder settings remotely:(

Spark saves my Spark Folder remotly with all settings when i have a Folder redirection. For example, i have my Desktop redirect at
server\user\Desktop. With this setting, Spark, create the Spark folder (normally store in local Document and settings\user) in
server\user\Spark. I confirm that the User Profile is not redirected, ONLY my Desktop. Got any solutions? It’'s very Important. Thanks a lot from a very big Spark fan.

Hi Damien,

I thought that Spark uses %USERPROFILE% to determine where to store its content, but this seems not to be the case. I changed the value without success.

I have no idea about folder redirection, but I assume that this may modify a value Spark get of the registry.

Maybe a developer can enlighten us.



Spark just uses your user.home to store most items.


Thx Derek,

using the .cmd file I’'m able to add -Duser.home=“C:\foobar” and this works. May I ask how to pass this value to Spark.exe?


Hi It,

I’'m a little confused. Are you wanting to use a different user home directory than the default?


Hi Derek,

yes indeed, this would be a great thing. Currently one will have some difficulties to make the file readonly and thus a user could store its password there (which violates a security policy) or use a completely other IM server. Damien did not yet reply to my questions in … "[i]May I ask if it would help if Jivesoftware splits this file into two files, one which may be read-only and the other for the user settings?

I image that it would be possible that the entries available in the ‘‘ro file’’ replace the user settings. This could be a nice feature request, if you also like this idea.[/i]".

For small companies this is not a problem, but if you have 5000+ users the client application must be as idiot-proof as possible. Maybe we can wait for Damien to reply, I think he has similar problems and needs.


Ok, i ''ll try to explain best my situation. We use Spark for instant messaging because it is the best after a long search for jabber clients in Internet. In a Call Center of 50 people In the Call Center, we have Desktop Redirection because i want all my users to have same desktop. The %User profile% is local to all machines. Only Desktop is redirected. The problem is that because of the Desktop redirection, the Spark folder with settings.xml etc. has been redirected to the server that have the Desktop. That was a quite good thing because all the conversations are now centralized for audit. It was a perfect solution. The problem now is that the name of the last user whow log in Spark appears now for the user who wants to log. Worse, if someone put auto logon and remember password. Someane can login and speak under someone session.

I think the best solution is the option to change the path for:

-Spark Settings

-Spark Logging.

It is my need right now but maybe it’'s not the best solution. I think lot of people may use that.


so I’'d like to extend your wishes a little bit.

A registry key or a system variable should define the location of the settings.xml file.

As the users do not have access to all network drives if they are out of office the variable should allow multiple (two) values so if accessing the first file fails the second one is used.

The settings.xml should define what values the user may modify, where the “user.xml” is stored and where the log files are stored.


server\path\settings.xml;C:\Program Files\Spark\conf\settings.xml

It would be perfect for example to store two settings in the registry. It’‘s my wish but maybe it’'s to dificult or it is not vote by other people.

  1. The idea in my case would be a key in Current User that direct the Spark Folder where i want. on local disk or a remote location.

  2. It would be good to create a key for redirect the transcript folder (include today in Spark Folder) where i have all my conversation So i can centralize conversations for audit purposes.

If i can for minimum redirect Spark Folder , it will be very cool. Any ideas other people?

We have group policy settings that redirect user’'s desktops to:


However spark settings for all users end up in :


Now whilst this is great for rolling out settings to all users it means I have to lock down access to settings.xml so that no one can save usernames, passwords etc.


ok. So I am a little confused. I was always under the impression that each user had their own user home directory and have built the settings to operate with that. Are these very custom jobs or is this very common? Is using the users home not as common in certain situations?



On each workstation users have their own folder within “Documents and Settings”.

However we map the ‘‘desktop’’ folder within this to a network folder - so the user’'s desktop moves with them and the ‘‘my documents’’ folder to a network folder.

We don’'t use true roaming profiles as users sometimes need to log onto more than one machine at a time.

I don’'t think our setup is particularly custom - we are using standard MS group policies.