Spark && Search Service


Is it possible to connect spark to another search service ?

In fact I’m logged, with, Spark, in my openFrire Server (A) and I’ve setup another one (B)

How to connect my Spark to the searchservice of B ?


When you’re searching for someone in the search dialog box, next to the URL of your server there should be a button to saying “Add Service”, type the domain of the other Jabber server and merely perform a search, all should go well.

No, in fact, that’s the point, it doesn’t work. When I try to add

another search service, it tells me search service is unavailable or

something like that.

I cannot add a search service from a server that I’m not logged on. Does it used to work in previous version ? Or do I have mistakes in my servers config ? But there is not a lot of parameters in the search service config.

Your server may not be set to let S2S connections or there may be a problem with your servers firewall that is blocking the requests. Just take a look at Openfire and see if when you are adding a search server that in the server sessions page a connection is being made.

Thanks. But that’s not the point, too.

In fact my S2S connection seems to work, I can add a user from the other server (if I know his JID) and there’s no problem to make chat with him and even, the rich media proxy is configured and works !

The connection is made ! It’s just the search service. By the way, I’ve seen, in the search service doc, that : "This plugin is designed to work with various Jabber clients to allow

other users to search for users currently registered on the same server they are."

Does it mean that it is not designed for S2S ?

I tried by reading this-post but no way …

In fact, I was not allowing anything to connect in S2S it was configured with white lists.

If you are using white lists, Just add to your openfire servers a remote server called “search.remote_server_name” and then, it will work. You have also to add “remote_server_name” in order to let users not only to search but to be able to add users from remote servers and to chat