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Spark shows username instead of full name in signed in profile

As mentioned Spark is not showing the name, and also it is not loading Vcard, but if I click view full card, and then refresh it gets the information.

I think it is something that happened after I upgraded Openfire to newest version. I have OF 4.0.3 and Spark 2.8.1

It is not a deal breaker, but it seems to be something with the Vcard mapping. It has been working for years, and I haven’t changed my mapping, but just in case here they are

<vCard xmlns="vcard-temp">
<N> <FAMILY>{sn}</FAMILY> <GIVEN>{givenName}</GIVEN>
<PHOTO> <TYPE>image/jpeg</TYPE> <BINVAL>{jpegPhoto}</BINVAL>
<ADR> <HOME/> <STREET>{homePostalAddress}</STREET>
<WORK/> <STREET>{streetAddress}</STREET> <LOCALITY>{l}</LOCALITY> <REGION>{st}</REGION> <PCODE>{postalCode}</PCODE> <CTRY>{c}</CTRY>
<TEL> <HOME/> <VOICE/> <NUMBER>{homePhone}</NUMBER>
<TEL> <WORK/> <VOICE/> <NUMBER>{telephoneNumber}</NUMBER>
<TEL> <WORK/> <CELL/> <NUMBER>{mobile}</NUMBER>
<TEL> <WORK/> <FAX/> <NUMBER>{facsimileTelephoneNumber}</NUMBER>
<ORG> <ORGNAME>{company}</ORGNAME> <ORGUNIT>{department}</ORGUNIT> </ORG>

Message was edited by: David Hay-Currie When I paste the Vcard information it is pasting it twice after applying syntax for easier reading

Not sure i fully understand the issue. Do you mean it shows username for your own user that you have logged in into Spark? Where does it show it? Spark always shows a username when you first login with a new user, until that user fills his Nickname (or maybe Full Name) in his profile. It was like that in older versions too. Maybe you are using AD integration and this is related to AD. Not using this myself, so not sure.

For vCard refresh issue there is a ticket https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-1582

The username is displayed on top of the status. Until recently it would show my full name. Lately it shows only the username.

As for the Vcard. It is not a matter of how long it takes to refresh. In our case it never does unless I hit refresh manually. Most people don’t check contact information so it is not a problem, but I am wondering if it is related to the username

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Did you by chance install the avatar resizer plugin?

Well, the never refreshing issue should be fixed in 2.8.1 https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-1812

Unless this is something AD specific, or as speedy assumes related to some plugin.

I did. Is that the issue?

I just deleted the plugin

yes…delete the plug…this is a known issue.


anyway, after you remove the plugin, you’ll need to change

provider.vcard.className value to org.jivesoftware.openfire.ldap.LdapVCardProvider

Voila!! Now it works as it should.

It was the plugin. Thanks