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Spark silent install

I am trying to get spark to silently install. Here is my script so far:

echo off
REM Silent Spark Install
if exist “C:\Program Files\Spark\Spark.exe” goto end
if exist “C:\Program Files (x86)\Spark\Spark.exe” goto end
\fileserver\apps\spark\spark_2_5_8.exe -q
cd /d "%UserProfile%"
mkdir spark
cd spark
copy \fileserver\apps\spark\spark.properties /y
copy \fileserver\apps\spark\sound-settings.xml /y
goto end


The problem is that the spark.properties and sound-settings.xml go to C:\Documents and Settings\userid\spark

I need it to go to the actual redirected profile location which would be:


What is the variable for the current signed on userID and what’s the best way to write that in the batch file?

We also have Desktop Authority ScriptLogic and can do file copy operations as well, but I was wondering if I can include this all in one bat file, that Script Logics appliation launcher can just simply execute hidden at login.

Spark 2.5.8 has issues with folder redirection, and by issues I mean there have been reports it just will not work. The properties file and xml file are created at first run as is the spark folder. at the very least create a generic properties and xml files and copy them to the proper location with a logon script. The newest betas of spark actually use the application data folder for the creation of the user’s spark folder. No word on whether folder redirection works.

Well the latest version I see is 2.5.8. Where is the beta section here?

Spark works fine, although we haven’t rolled it out company wide yet. So I don’t know how it will do for people who roam (switch computers frequently). For those of us who are on the same machine everyday (even with redirected folders), there are no issues.

Worse case scenerio, their settings will not be default. I am writing documentation for the rollout and will include the server name that they need to see in the third box (in our case “intranet”). As long as it says “intranet” in that box and they use their windows username and password, it should work fine.