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Spark + SIP Plugin + USB Headset

Is there a way to tell the SIP Plugin included with Spark to use the audio and microphone from a USB Headset on Windows? I’ve tried changing the “Default Device” in the “Sounds and Audio Devices” control panel in Windows but that makes it so you can’t use speakers for other sounds. Other SIP clients like X-Lite have a configuration dialog that allows you to select audio sources. I could not find any such dialog for Spark. Any help is greatly appreciated.

David Lambert

I really need this as well. The plug-in is brilliant, but this one issue is causing me to miss calls and is inconvenient overall because I have to use either my headset or my speakers when I want to be able to use both.

I completely agree and would like to see an enhancement from this. It is annoying to switch outputs when listening to music and vice versa.