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Spark Skinning - Where do I begin?

I have searched the forums. I still haven’'t found a good place to start. I am new to Java. I would like to create a new skin. Not much documentation on where to begin, what you need, and what is required. Does anybody know of a basic ‘‘How to’’ out there that I can use to begin? I would like to skin th new 2.5.4 client and make it redistributable for a small web community. Any ideas please let me know.

I would install winrar, and then dig inside the spark.jar file (you can browse with winrar).

open any properties files and look at any images. Properties are fairly easy to adjust and images can be replaced with a similar size image with the exact same name.

Not that there’‘s anything wrong with WINRAR, but .JAR files are actually just .ZIP files with a different name. If you rename the file with a .zip extension, you can open it with the Windows built in zip browser. You can then just edit your files and when you’'re done, just slap the .JAR extension back on. Just a little tip.

Ok I learned something in this thread. I did not realize that jar files were compressed archives. 7zip browses it very well.

What is the path to the spark logo on the logon screen? I changed the one at C:\Program Files\Spark\lib\spark.jar\images\spark.png, but It did not change the logo.

AH HA, You need to reboot it appears to commit the changes. I now have a corporate logo on spark (on my machine anyway).

while I do agree that winzip works just fine, if you open a jar with winzip it shows every single file with no sort of structure. winrar at least shows the folder structure making it easier to browse the jar, IMO.

7zip shows structure also and is also FREE.

What version of Spark are you using?

I have 2.5.4 and I have replaced spark.jar/images/spark.png with a custom image and rebooted, but it is loading the old spark image at the login screen.