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Spark spellcheck - Polish


Is there any way to add (even manually) polish dictionary to spellcheck plugin in Spark? I have some dict’s made for aspell and they are quite good when I use it in eg. Pidgin. Can I convert it somehow to import to Spark?

You can check this ticket SPARK-1078 which i have made for the Lithuanian spellcheck. You should provide a zip file with the similar structure. I think there should be lst, aff and dic files inside. I have used the ispell package which is used in Firefox. Not sure whether it will work with aspell. You can’t just add the language manually. You have to add it to the source, then compile the spelling plugin and then compile the Spark. I can try testing this myself, after you provide the zip file, though my Polish knowlegde is limited.

Ok, I’ve found similiar archive to the LT one here http://sjp.pl/slownik/ort/sjp-myspell-pl-20110902.zip

Slightly different file names but content should be correct. Will you try to add this to Spark?

Here’s the ticket SPARK-1434. Hopefully 2.6.4 will contain Polish language option for the Spellchecker.

In the meantime, i will attach spelling-plugin.jar, which is already compiled with the Polish language. You can copy it into Spark/plugins/ over the original one.

Also, when someone will apply this to SVN and the ticket will be closed, you can download the nightly build of the installer, which will also contain updated spelling plugin. http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK (select your platform, then go to Artifacts and download the build).
spelling-plugin.jar (2481420 Bytes)

Works as a charm. Muchas gracias!

Looks like 2.6.4 never saw the light of day and then it got overlooked and polish dictionary never was added to the source. I have fixed this today and it will be available in 2.8.2 version.